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Hexagonal Water System

Magnetized Mineral Water Maker(Mineral Water)

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Magnetized Mineral Water Maker(Mineral Water)

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2.0 Liters(0.528 Gallon)

 Mineral cartridge

Mine-Q, Super Cube

Magnetized and Alkaline water maker WAVE-Q

[ Feature ] 

A. Strong Magnetic Field 

Strong 4,000+ 3,500-gauss dual active magnets produce a kinetic energy field.
The electromagnetic field 
induces magnetized water.

B. Centripetal Cycloid Spiral Motion 
The strongest energy motion for increasing the energy of water and close packed water  cluster and make plenty of dissolved oxygen in the space of water cluster

C. Structuralizing Mineral       

Structure-making ions in Mine Q activated to raise the amount of hexagonal structured       molecules in the water. Special natural materials inside Mine Q is changing water alkalinized and lower the ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential).

D. Wave Length of Far Infra-red Rays     

It activates the movement of the water molecules to increase the density and surface tension of water.

E. Abundant active hydrogen 
Abundant active hydrogen increased in water eliminates Reactive Oxidation Species in a body which mostly causes aging and diseases.

F. Capacity : 2.0 Liters

G. Certificates and tests

[Patent] US, UK, China, Taiwan, Korea
[Certificates] UL, CE, TUV, GOST
[Others] NMR TEST, pH, mineral content 

[ Others ]

1. Within 30 second of drinking water, it becomes part of your blood
    within a minute, it reaches  the brain tissues and reproductive organs; with 30 minutes it
    reaches every part of your body. That is why many experts emphasize the benefits of
    water on your health. Since water is the basis of life and health, you need to be selective
    in the type of water you drink. 

2. 6 CRITERIA OF “LIVING” WATER – Water that brings life

- First, it has to be contaminant-free water
- Second, it has to be mineral-rich water
- Third, it has to be alkaline water
- Fourth, it has to have the ability to remove free radicals
- Fifth, it must be abundant with hexagonal water molecules
- Sixth, it must be living water, full of energy. 


Wave Q = Actimo + MineQ cartridge    Professor Walter Kim, Ph.D. who combined the nationally recognized and patented “Actimo” technology with the ‘mineQ’ cartridge to generate hexagonal alkaline water, developed WaveQ.
The converted water is abundant in oxygen and hydrogen due to the activation of the molecular movement of water. 


Invented by Walter Kim, Ph.D, holds US Patent (US 6,171,490 B1); for combining “Western Science and  Eastern Mind”. Actimo is widely recognized and renowned for its superiority in Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia and more. 


MineQ is a circular cartridge containing minerals and activated hydrogen that generates natural, alkaline water with life’s essential minerals.

  Price Condition

FOB   Busan


4 units per a box

  Package Size

305 x 285 x 425   Millimeters

  Package Weight

3.6   Kilograms

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